Reetu Kumar aka reetuu.k upcoming famous model.

Reetu Kumar

Reetu Kumar is a model cam social media influencer on instagram username reetuu.k


Reetu Kumar was born on 9th august 2002. She is pursuing bachelors in journalism and mass communication.

Social Media Journey

Lockdown was the time when Reetu started creating content in 2020. She had thought a lot about her college life, but unfortunately didn’t get the chance to actually live it. We all were stuck in our places and that’s when the concept of creating videos came into Reetu’s mind. She saw other people posting videos and started getting ideas of her own. Reetu’s first video was a relatable video which got a pretty good response as of that time when the reels weren’t so famous. The journey from 400 followers to 8000+ followers was a hell of a joyride and a roller coaster too.

Reetu don’t know that, actually wants to keep making videos for the rest of her life, but this sure makes her happy the most at this point of time.

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