Kritikka Avasthi Biography

Kritikka Avasthi is a popular actress cum content creator, she is posting her content on Youtube & Instagram @kritikkaavasthi.

Kritikka did her studies in and L.L.B.

Kritikka, an established actress in digital media, ventured into social media to broaden her career horizons.

She had a history of creating engaging content through successful web series like "When You Are the Only Girl in Your Group," "When Your Best Friend Gets Married," "Types of Girls in a Hostel," and "Marrying Your Crush."

Transitioning to social media brought new challenges, such as managing the entire content creation process independently.

Kritikka struggled with impatience and the need to juggle multiple roles without the support of a professional production team.

She learned to act as her director, producer, stylist, and more, finding the experience both exciting and challenging.

– Despite initial difficulties, Kritikka quickly adapted to the new responsibilities and grew as a content creator. – 

Kritikka values the direct interaction with her audience, finding their feedback and engagement inspiring for her content creation.

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