Yagya Dhiman Instagram content creator biography

Yagya Dhiman is a content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @yagyadhiman01 and YouTube/Yagya & Yesha.

Yagya was born Sep 4, 2003, she completed her higher secondary education at DAV Model School.

Yagya started creating content in 2021. At first, she started making dance reels just by getting inspired by others. Before that, Yagya used to make musically which is originally now known as TikTok.

When reel feature was provided on Instagram. Apart from her Instagram, She has a YouTube Channel with her twin sisters, Yagya & Yesha.

In the beginning, when Yagya started making reels, she had an Android phone. Many people suggested she post “clear” and “good quality” reels to gain more followers.

Finally, she got her iPhone in May 2021. That was the happiest time for her. It was like a dream come true for Yagya.

Gradually, Yagya started growing on Instagram and YouTube.

People started liking her dancing skills and fan pages were being made for me and my sister. All these moments were the beginning of this journey” – says Yagya.

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