Aarti’s Journey Overcoming Challenges to Build an Instagram Community


Aarti Chamoli is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @aartiichamoliii.


Aarti has graduated from Indraprasth University and Now currently, working in a well reputed company.

Social Media Journey

Aarti started creating content in April 2023. In the initial stage, I faced problems and many downturns, but being consistent really helps you achieve your goals,” says Aarti.

Aarti received negative comments sometimes, but she always ignores them and focuses on content creation. With the support of her parents and friends, Aarti has an Instagram family of 40k+ followers.

Aarti told us, ‘I am so grateful. Just never give up, no matter what happens. If you are consistent, you will achieve your dreams. I managed content creation while studying and now while working. Hoping for the best now.

All the information is collected from Aarti Chamoli.

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