Ahir “Best Singer of Year 2021” in RJPL Creators Awards 2021.


Ahir is a Qatar-based bilingual artist who is trained in Indian Classical Music and Western Music. Her Instagram username is @ahirbhowmic


Ahir was born on 20th April. She completed her education in BA.

Social Media Journey

Ahir started her own independent music from 2017 and released her first pop single “Rise Again” in 2021, which went on to be considered for a Grammy Nomination.

Ahir’s career is now blossoming as she adventures into genres such as pop and country.

n her new pop song “Easy Enough” produced by Bhauraw Avhad, Ahir sings the feelings of a girl talking about her high school crush. The song has both a sultry and innocent love vibe to it and gives the possibility for anyone regardless of their age to relate to that love song released on March, 11th.

Recently Ahir is the winner of RJPL Creators Awards 2021 as the “Best Singer of Year 2021”.

All Information are collected from Ahir.

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