Dhanshree Motwani aka dhanshree_dancing_sparks “Best Dancer of Year 2021” Runner up.

Dhanshree Motwani

Dhanshree Motwani is a choreographer on with her username dhanshree_dancing_sparks on Instagram and Youtube.


Dhanshree was born 24/04/2000. She is going with her B.com graduation studies.

Social Media Journey

Dhanshree started creating her social media of as dancer 6-7 years age ago. She started it a passion, but by the time this changed into her profession. Now Dhanshree is a choreographer teaching dance in Nagpur. Not just that Dhanshree participated in RJPL Creators Awards 2021 in that She was nominated as the “Best Dancer of Year 2021. Dhanshree got 349 votes and become the runner up as “The Best Dancer Year 2021” . She is also an anchor for some shows,

All the information is collected from Dhanshree Motwani.

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