Dinesh Yadav Paasala aka i_mobileclicker famous Macro Photographer.


Dinesh Yadav Paasala famously known with his Instagram username i_mobileclicker


Dinesh was born on 01/08/2000. He is going with his Education of studying PG (MBA).

Social Media Journey

Dinesh started create content from 15/08/2018 on instagram, He loves to capture pictures from mobile from the age of 13 with a Nokia Express music mobile and he survived through facebook at the time. After that he upgraded to Lava mobile but it doesn’t have any Pro or manual features in camera, last final Dinesh upgraded to Redmi note 5 pro and step in to Instagram. Since its been 2 years 10 months he created this page and doing some stuff with mobile.

“I m doing this Photography as a passion, if he get a chance to make it professional, he can but the main aim was to create such an amazing stuff through mobile and want to feature my work at different platforms” Dinesh said.

Dinesh is using his mobile and some external Lens to do Macro Photograph in mobile. Macro Photography is to find the beauty in the little insects, water drops, flowers and many other things. It’s an Art of showing the tiny subjects as bigger. He was doing this Macrography as a passion, it gives more happiness to him. It helps him to interact with the Mother Nature and finding new things. In macro photography, patience is the Key to achieve the Photograph. He learnt more about the tiny subjects through this macro photography. Everyday, he was learning to get better in Perfection

All the information are collected Dinesh.

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