Harshita Sharma is a reliable content creator on Instagram

Harshita Sharma

Harshita Sharma is an expert content creator who loves to post various videos, she is posting her content on Instagram @hii.harshitaaa.


Harshita completed schooling at BVBV Jaipur and right now, she is doing UG from IPCW (DU).

Social Media Journey

Harshita started her journey a year ago, post lockdown phase and came so far discovering many new things and bonding with such great creators.

Harshita always used to get hyped up by her fellow beings that she should do this content creation thing and at that time she think reels were in trend so Harshita jumped into content creation, she always enjoyed pleasing others with her ideas or jokes around, it brings her joy seeing smiles of others, so when Harshita started creating content she had some points in her head from the starting that, ‘I am gonna make content which sounds healthy so that in future if my family watches it or someone’s child watches it brings them joy, it should be relatable, the one that you can watch in front of your parents, such content which you don’t fear to show up to your family, that was my perspective, well content creation is very broader in sense but I never wanted to make content by using foul language in the name of a joke – says Harshita.

So it was quite hard when you focus on all good because people usually used to get bored easily seeing one type of content so I tried many forms like relating my content to daily life, to the people, about their past, and of course my content was different so I gained glory out of it – says Harshita.

Harshita never feared for number of views or likes on any of her videos because she decided that her job is to deliver happiness, just keep focusing on your content, make it better day by day.

I personally want to quote this that I love my followers, I got such a cute and supportive audience through my content, they always keeps hyping me up and I’m really grateful to them, developing interaction with your audience is the best one can do, try to understand your audience, what they are demanding, what new they want to see in you, if you respect them, they will give you that back with 1000% – says Harshita.

In this journey, Harshita went through many ups and downs, some days use to come when she felt like quitting but not didn’t and now Harshita thanks the god the she didn’t quite.

I made so many good friends over the internet, and many creator friends from all over the nation, I’m thankful for content creation and everyone who supports me encourages me and loves my work, thank you for being there, looking forward to many opportunities, and I would also like to thank the team for finding me as a deserving one to be here – says Harshita.

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