Jagriti Pahwa aka iamjagritipahwa is a comedy content creator.

Jagriti Pahwa

Jagriti Pahwa is a comedy content creator on Instagram. Her Instagram username is iamjagritipahwa.


Jagriti was born on Jul 24, 1997, Since from school time Jagriti loved participating in Monoactings, stage holding, and being a host for school functions. Always participated in DAV’s youth festival in the category of singing and secured 1st position at the National level once. Singing and Showing up on the stage were her favourite things. She completed her education in master’s in Biotechnology from DAV College, Chandigarh. Jagriti was a sharp mind but never felt like putting much effort into academics. Used to study a day before exams and got decent marks.

Jagriti started a YouTube channel in 2016 in which she made several videos exploring famous spots of Chandigarh (which most vloggers do now). During the second year of Jagriti’s postgraduation, a famous page of Chandigarh approached Jagriti’s after watching her work on YouTube and hired her for creating similar videos for them. She managed her post-graduation and this part-time job and that was the best time of her life since Jagriti was doing what she loved (creating videos). She worked there as a content creator and video host. Interviewed many Punjabi celebrities. But as her post-graduation ended in 2019. She had to leave the city beautiful and her job. Spent almost 9 months at home preparing for entry.

She was tired of the low-effort routine in graduation. So pushed herself to study during post-graduation and ended up being a rank holder in University and college topper.

Qualified GATE exam (entrance for IIT) in the very first attempt with a very good rank and everyone was expecting her to join PhD but Jagriti’s heart was always into creating something

Social Media Journey

Jagriti started her content creation in May 2020 & has been consistently uploading videos for the past 2 years.

Initially, Jagriti was skeptical because she was not sure that she would be able to earn her bread from this. So, she continued getting other degrees and cleared a few entrances to get a decent govt job in teaching (just for the sake of financial security).

It took her almost a year to hit 10k and 2 years to hit 50k. She still feels that it might take her some more time to get financial security, but her mind and heart are very clear that she has loved to create content only and she is prepared for all the challenges.

Most of her videos have been seen more than 100,000 times and many videos have been seen more than a million times.

She has created almost 280 videos. In which 70+ videos have more than a million views. Jagriti has worked so hard in the past 2 years and recently bought an iPhone 13 pro with her own hard-earned money (to create better quality videos).

Jagriti is currently having 495k+ Subscribers on YouTube & 112k followers on Instagram.

“I have been through the most challenging yet happiest times during this journey but I am proud that I never gave up. I believe that I have grown as a person and creator. People appreciate my work and my audience is such a sweetheart. And I am thankful to myself, my audience and my family. I would like to give a special thanks to the special man in my life (through this article) who stood with me throughout and kept me motivated” – says Jagriti.

All the information is collected from Jagriti Pahwa.

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