Jyoti Thakuria aka jwalaa_thefire famous poet and motivator.

Jyoti Thakuria

Jyoti Thakuria is a poet famous poet cum motivator on instagram with her username jwalaa_thefire


Jyoti was born on 30-Nov-2000. She is going with her education in Bachelor of commerce (Tax).

Social Media Journey

Jyoti started her content from the lockdown period approximately one & half year ago. She decided to create her content to motivate the public as during the lockdown, most of the people were sad and depressed. On 20 july 2020 she posted her first video, from that time till now Jyoti has posted more then 350 videos, 1 video has crossed the mark of 2 Million and another one has beaten the mark of 1 Million views. Till now Jyoti is having 14.5k+ followers and continued.


Jyoti has always dreamed to be a public speaker because of her unique style. Her thoughts and videos are intended to bring a smile to everyone’s face.


One Life , Live it

Her viral video says-

Jab Ati Ho jaaye , waha se Jagah badal lo. Kyoki aapki Khushi Important Hai

All the information are collected from Jyoti Thakuria.

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