Kendra Muecke aka Kendra & the Bunnies famous singer

Kendra Muecke

Kendra Muecke famous singer known with her brand name Kendra & the Bunnies.

Social Media Journey

Kendra’s love waking up every day to connect with her audience on Instagram and Facebook. Kendra’s biggest way to speak with her fans is through her music. Kendra’s band name is Kendra & the Bunnies. Till now Kendra has published more than 25 songs, and her newest album will be debuting next month. Kendra’s new song is “So Hollywood” out May 14, new music video will be out on May 21, and the full album on May 28. Currently, she is having a big fan following on Instagram 45k+ and Facebook 11k+ and continued.

All the information are collected from Kendra Muecke.

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