Khyati Sharma aka pyaarinari The Popular Content Creator Making Waves

Khyati Sharma

Khyati Sharma aka pyaarinari popular content creator, she is posting content on Instagram @pyaarinari.


Khyati was born on 25 August 1999. She is a BMS graduate.

Social Media Journey

Khyati’s journey began after she completed her schooling in 2016. Despite facing numerous challenges along the way, Khyati never lost sight of her dream to become a successful content creator.

Khyati started her journey creating prank videos, but soon switched to Q&A, fashion, music, roasting, and ranting videos. She worked for other channels to gain experience and put money into her channel, which she started in 2019 under the name “pyaarinari.” However, she soon realized that YouTube was too expensive for her, so she turned to Instagram to focus on her content creation.

Despite the challenges, Khyati has been pushing herself daily and is planning to stand up soon. She looks up to Bhuvan Bam, and Swagger Sharma, and wants to create a comedy series in the future. For now, she is focusing on Instagram and organization to earn a steady income and come up with “banger” content.

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