Laveena Kalra aka Laveenakalraofficial famous choreographer cum entrepreneur.

Laveena Kalra

Laveena Kalra is a famous dance choreographer with her Instagram username laveenakalraofficial


Laveena was born on 18-10-1997. She did her education with BA (Psychology) and Dance Graduation from Shiamak Davar’s Institute.

Social Media Journey& Events

Laveena social media journey started very naturally. She used to post only pictures then, slowly as the world was moving ahead the videos came into senario. Laveena started her Youtube channel in November 2017. She used to make Dance videos and post often.

Now that we have multiple options in which you can post your content, reels being the most active ones, Laveena make sure that she post on Instagram every single day. Not just for the sake of posting, but good quality content is what she believes in. Simultaneously Laveena also shoot long videos for YT and of course now YT SHORTS are trending topics.

We also own a dance company along with my partner Ashish and hence we have our own individual pages to cater to along with our company pages- one being @LaveenaAshishDance & the other @LADCWeddingChoreography: – Says Laveena.

So as a whole we have to cater to 4 pages differently without repeating any kind of content. Each page has its own identity and it’s a full time hustle to keep everything up to date. Says Laveena

We enjoy doing this as we are passionate about what we do 🙂 says Laveena

Our Dance company page keeps hosting events and contests on Instagram along with weekly feature reels that amplifies opportunities for others to showcase their talent: – says Laveena

All the information has been collected from Laveena Kalra

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