Misha Agrawal is a growing content creator

Misha Agrawal

Misha Agrawal is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @themishaagrawalshow.


Misha was born on Apr 26, 2001, She is pursuing her education in Integrated Law.

Social Media Journey

Misha started creating content in March 2017, When she was in class 11 because she had no one to talk to, all her friends kind off ditched her and Misha doesn’t know why.

I felt alone and content creation gave me so many new people, the online audience that doesn’t know me but treats me like I am their world, those same friends now flex that I was their friend – says Misha.

We often consider our parents as not so tech-savvy but my mother introduced me to youtube, everyone in my family has always been supportive – says Misha.

The only person, Misha had to fight for so long was herself, self-doubt and low self-esteem. The negative comments affected Misha a lot and she decided to quit lots of times, but she could never quit no matter what, content creation makes her alive, and comedy makes Misha feel alive.

Ever since I stopped putting so much significance into a single comment, I love every bit of it, as a comedy content creator think that, comedy connects people more than Nokia does, lol, no matter how bad things have been, a joke can fix it, with the right comic timing one can even lift the mood of people at a funeral but you need to have sensibility or you’d have your funeral next to it, (it’s a joke) – says Misha.

Something so tragic has happened that you can’t even breathe but then you find yourself laughing at some meme or video you saw, so that’s that, comedy connects people – says Misha.

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