Prashant Sharma aka Tangysharma growing content creator.

Prashant Sharma

Prashant Sharma aka Tangysharma growing content creator, he is postings his content on Instagram @Tangysharma.


Prashant did his diploma in Electrical engineering and currently doing BTech in computer science and engineering.

Social Media Journey

Prashant started creating content in September 2022. Prashant faced problems in creating content because he don’t have any support then Prashant have to look for friends to create video and also had to study in college one teacher mentally harassed him with false allegations as he complain about her bad behavior to him.

It was my first video which go viral all over India. And was happy to see that and that motivated me to do more and more and create content. I love to make people laugh . So i tried and many people also loved my content. – says Prashant.

I don’t ignore negative comments i take them as there is something missing or i am leaving something that people want to see so i try and try to do better and better. Whenever i see negative comments i think of what I am missing and at least they are commenting means they are watching my videos so they will tell me what I am missing in my video so i will work on that harder – says Prashant.

I want in my future that people see my video and laugh and whenever they meet me or see me , they say he is the guy who’s videos always make us laugh. And also tell me that I was in tension or I was sad and then I saw your video and and my tension and sadness all goes. My mood change because of your video . And i always wait for your next video – says Prashant.

I just want to make people laugh everytime they see my video. That will be the best thing for – says Prashant.

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