Rohit Sharma aka Craylyf Rohit is a popular content creator

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is a popular content creator, he is creating entertainment content related to pranks, travelling, and lifestyle blogs on his youtube channel @Craylyf Rohit and his Instagram @Rohiiits.


Rohit was born on Jan 3, 1992, He did his studies in B TECH CSE.

Social Media Journey

Rohit started creating content in May 2020. Since Rohit started creating content just to give people a laugh, he never thought he will be having more than 900k subscribers ever in life.

The love my audience showered opened me is unbelievable. I was always like a trouble-making guy in my house. So, the First 5 subscribers were my Mother, Father, Sister, Brother and My other google account – says Rohit.

Then I got married to Shilpa, and from there on we pushed our channel to 1000k subscribers and then so on and trust me the time we were running our channel was the worst time in the whole world as it was a covid day – says Rohit.

Rohit and Shilpa (Rohit’s Wife) also use to trouble each other before marriage but after marriage, they started capturing it in videos and started sharing with the whole world through YouTube. Rohit told us, “the response we had from our subscribers was like example “Bhaiya Bhabhi during these negative times you are doing a wonderful job of making people laugh”.

These kinds of comments motivated us a lot and pushed us to make a different kind of entertaining vlogs apart from regular daily life vlogs – says Rohit.

After that Rohit & Shilpa never stopped and currently have 900k+ and counting.

Rohit just wanted to make entertaining family vlogs and make people happy who are also working like me in a private job. I mean what’s wrong to take 10-12 minutes out of your life and laugh a little? – says Rohit.

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