Shubham Thakur is a growing content creator

Shubham Thakur

Shubham Thakur is a growing content creator, he posts his content on Instagram @theshubamthakur.


Shubham was born on Sep 15, 1994, He did his graduation with B Com (Marketing Hons.) and MBA in Tourism BHU.

Social Media Journey

Shubham is a content creator who began his journey in 2017. Despite having a busy schedule with his being business, he has managed to constantly produce engaging and amusing videos.

According to Shubham, the experience of creating content has been great. He feels constantly girdled by ideas and alleviation, still, he acknowledges that there are times when it can be grueling to balance his business with his passion for creating videos.

One handicap that Shubham has had to face as a content creator is negativity. He recognizes that negativity can be veritably hurtful and can fluently demotivate one, still, he has learned to ignore it and not let it get to him. He believes that there’s no point in trying to fight negative people on the internet, as it’s a futile trouble.

Shubham’s plans as a content creator are to come someone important and funny, who can appreciatively Impact people’s lives through his videos He wants to be a life changer, using his bents to spread positivity and joy. He’s determined to continue creating content, despite the challenges he may face, and is agitated to see where his passion will take him.

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