The Journey of Ishita Sharma – A Tale of Passion and Perseverance”

Ishita Sharma

Ishita Sharma is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @She_thekrishnpremika.


Ishita was born on Feb 21, 2003. She did her studies at BA (Hons) psychology Invertis University.

Social Media Journey

Ishita started creating content one year ago. Her journey has been a fusion of passion, purpose, and perseverance. Ishita embarked on her journey while preparing for NEET, but after some time, she realized that medicine was not her field of interest.

Hence, Ishita started posting spiritual content to inspire today’s youth and encourage them to adopt spirituality, as it represents the ultimate truth of life. Her parents also supported her greatly. Throughout this journey, she faced many ups and downs but remained steadfast, continuing to post content daily regardless of the situation.

Relatives questioned why she engaged in activities typically associated with older individuals, suggesting she focus on studies instead. However, Ishita did not give up and vowed to propagate Sanatan Dharma for as long as she lives.

All the information collected from Ishita Sharma.

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