Vishal Singh Bora is a growing content creator.

Vishal Singh

Vishal Singh Bora is a growing content creator, he is posting his content on Instagram @oye_bora.


Vishal did his graduation with

Social Media Journey

Vishal has made regular content since 2021. Content creation is poles apart from what, Vishal used to do in Log Kya Kahenge. It is a YouTube channel, where Vishal used to work as a Creative Director/Creative Head. Now Vishal is solely focusing on expanding his profile as a Content Creator on Social Media mainly Instagram. It’s a bit difficult to bring together all the resources for short-format reel videos. Vishal needs actors for them.

Despite all the challenges, Vishal is creating content and entertaining his audiences with this Vishal is currently having 27k+ followers on Instagram, and many of his videos has beaten the mark of Million+ views.

All the information is collected from Vishal Singh Bora.

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