Jagriti Pahwa Instagram content creator biography 

Jagriti Pahwa is a comedy content creator on Instagram. Her Instagram username is iamjagritipahwa.

Jagriti was born on July 24, 1997, She completed her master's in Biotechnology from DAV College, Chandigarh

In 2016, Jagriti started a YouTube channel focusing on exploring Chandigarh's famous spots, which caught the attention of a local page that hired her as a content creator and video host.

While managing her post-graduation and a part-time job, she interviewed many Punjabi celebrities. However, she left this role after completing her studies in 2019.

Tired of a low-effort routine, Jagriti pushed herself during her post-graduation, becoming a university rank holder and college topper. She also qualified for the GATE exam on her first attempt.

Jagriti started her Instagram content creation in May 2020. Initially skeptical about its viability, she pursued other degrees and secured a teaching job for financial security.

It took her a year to reach 10k followers and two years to hit 50k. Despite slow financial growth, she remained committed to content creation, with many videos reaching over a million views.

She has created nearly 280 videos, with 70+ videos surpassing a million views. She has 6M+ subscribers on YouTube and 600k Instagram followers.

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