Maithili Jha Instagram content creator biography

Maithili Jha is a growing content creator, she posts her content on Instagram as @maithilijha_

Maithili was born on 11/09/2003 and currently, pursuing her studies college

Maithili began using Instagram six years ago, in early 2018, while she was in the ninth grade.

Initially, she used Instagram casually like many other students.

The introduction of Instagram’s "Reel" feature, Maithili shifted her approach and started creating videos.

Her content focused on funny, dance, and relatable themes.

One of her videos went viral, reaching over a million views and 150,000 likes, which significantly impacted her life.

Since this success, many of Maithili's videos have continued to achieve over a million views, motivating her to keep producing engaging content.

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