Jai Arora Instagram Content Creator Biography

Jai Arora is a tech blogger uploading his tech knowledge on his Youtube Channel and Instagram account TECH-iELA .

Jai was born on Sep 13, 1997. Completed his studies with B.Tech in Computer Science from Chandigarh Engineering College Landran.

Jai started creating content in college due to his passion for gadgets and technology, despite not being a bright student academically.

Since his school days, Jai has been fascinated with gadgets, often dismantling and exploring computers and smartphones.

Jai's tech skills led him to help relatives and neighbors with their gadgets, building a reputation as a tech enthusiast.

In college, Jai struggled with his studies and decided to channel his passion into starting a YouTube channel, TECH-iELA, focusing on tech and gadgets.

Initially, Jai's YouTube channel had few subscribers and his videos performed poorly, but he persisted, spending long hours creating and editing content.

With support from friends and family, Jai's videos eventually started gaining views, leading to his channel crossing 10K subscribers and his Instagram reels going viral.

Jai credits his success to hard work, patience, and the support of his family and friends, emphasizing that dedication will eventually bring results.

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