Aashna Juyal is a growing content creator and trying to change the mindset of people towards Kpop

Aashna Juyal

Aashna Juyal is a content creator, she is posting her videos on YouTube and Instagram @aashnajuyal06.


Aashna was born on Mar 6, 2003. She completed her 10th from Bhavan Vidyalaya Chandigarh with 88% then 11 & 12 from Chandigarh’s best government college GMSSS-16 with an aggregation of 91% in non-medical and currently she is pursuing her graduation from Chitkara University in the field of B.Tech.

Social Media Journey

Aashna started creating content at the end of 2021. She is taking interviews of random people on the streets about kpop and the concerning problems faced in India and takes their opinions.

Most of the time people are unwilling to be on camera and are camera shy. Most of the time, I meet kpop antis… people who disrespect and hate kpop by calling them gay and disgracing their sexuality, but my subscribers’ support is what keeps me going – says Aashna.

Aashna loves interviewing people but sometimes the response she gets is disrespectful. Out of 10, 8 people are camera shy and denies to be on camera, and the rest 2 don’t know about the content, she is interviewing them about. So finding an audience who knows about her interviewing is quite difficult.

The most important phase was the quality of the video which was poor in the beginning so, in 2021, Aashna started multiple jobs one of which was as a tutor. She taught all the subjects to 10th-grade students, and after some time, Aashna bought a camera for herself from the tuition fees she received.

Along with a content creator and a bachelor pursuing computer science engineering… Aashna is also a national medalist. She is a sports player and won the gold medal this year during the state championship and this year Aashna is representing Chandigarh in the senior women’s category in the 60th AIS (All India Skate) championship.

Aashna told us, “It’s kinda hard to manage my college life, youtube channel, and sports career all at once, so kpop and kdramas are my comfort zone. and that’s the topic on which I generally made my youtube videos on”.

All the information is collected from Aashna Juyal.

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