Kunal Vishwakarma is a popular content creator

Kunal Vishwakarma.

Kunal Vishwakarma is a famous content creator among young. He is posting his content on Instagram @thekunalvishwakarma.


Kunal was born on Jul 16, 2004. He is currently pursuing 1st Year degree in BAMMC (Mass Media) from Thakur College Of Science And Commerce.

Social Media Journey

Kunal started content creation in the year 2017 and on reels 2 years ago. Kunal started first on YouTube back in 2017 as a Tech Channel then Lately he decided to start to explore different content and then Kunal began with comedy and now continuing the same on Instagram reels. Kunal has also been awarded by Midday IIIA awards Rising Star 2022. With this Kunal is have 25k+ followers and many of his reels have beaten up the mark of 12 Million+ views and some of his videos have 2 Million+ likes.

The journey was fun and also many criticisms, I used to face in the beginning stage and sometimes it was quite difficult to think when its creative block and also to manage with studies and social life .. but when all together. We can say that I’m doing the thing which, I love the most is making content so that I can entertain people says Kunal.

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