Andrew Hicks aka India Drew is a popular American who speaks Hindi in Bihari accent.

Andrew Hicks is a popular American who creates Hindi content in a Bihari accent, He posts his videos on Instagram at @IndiaDrew77.


Andrew did his studies at St Petersburg College.

Social Media Journey

Andrew started creating content in May 2022. In the beginning, Andrew felt like no one was listening to him. He started on youtube and slowly transitioned into Instagram. While he had a little bit of traction on youtube, his channel remained extremely small, and Instagram gained even less traction.

It’s hard to continue to create while it feels like the algorithm will never work in your favor – says Andrew.

Despite all the challenges, Andrew, didn’t give up and continued to create content, in the last two weeks some of Andrew’s videos went viral. Some of the beat the mark of Million+ views & one of his video have crossed 6 Million+ Views. Currently, Andrew has 109k+ followers on Instagram and rapid growth on YouTube too.

It is refreshing and exhilarating to work so hard for so long and finally see some fruits for your labor – says Andrew.

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