Ayush Singh is growing content creator

Ayush Singh is a growing content creator, he is posting content on Instagram @aau.shhh.


Ayush was born on Apr 14, 2004, he is a graphicigner 1st year.

Social Media Journey

Ayush started creating content on November 26. Ayush’s journey also started like that of other growing creators during the lockdown. He is a professional dancer, and everyone used to compare him with Raghav Juyal. So, during lockdown, Ayush started creating some funny videos just to put a smile on his face during that hard time, but maybe because of the low quality, his content was not reaching out. So Ayush decided to stop making content but he didn’t stop writing content; whenever any kind of idea came to his mind, he used to note it down.

After 2 years, Ayush gifted himself a good camera and phone, and started making content and within a month he gained so much love from the people. Ayush is really happy that he decided to do it again and didn’t stop to write content when he was not making videos. the noted content still helps him a lot.

I never believed that I would get this much love from the people this soon. People should never stop doing what they love the most its okay to take some break from it like I did, but never. Give up on your art – says Ayush.

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