Ansh Rajpal is a growing content creator

Ansh Rajpal

Ansh Rajpal is a growing content creator, he is posting his content on Instagram @ansh_rajpal_.


Ansh was born on Aug 3, 1999, he did his graduation in BA ( Literature ).

Social Media Journey

Ansh started creating content on 9th July 2017, he is from Rewa, a city in Madhya Pradesh. Ansh always wanted to be an actor. After his schooling he decided to move to Mumbai to fulfil his dreams but family financial condition was not that good at that time, so Ansh decided to live in Rewa and start youtube channel.

Ansh started his journey with a school friend (Prateek Mishra) and got 27 likes on first video he was so happy and decided to work on the channel only but after 2-3 videos people used to tell him what is this ? Why are you doing this ? But Ansh’s family was always supportive and then views gradually start decreasing. Its been a 1.5 year but not reached to 500 subscribers and then Ansh decided to take a break and join theater group.

Ansh has found one friend Divyanshu he was as dedicated after taking 1 year break from youtube, he was back again and this time he have a team, so Divyanshu handles all the technical things and he used to direct the videos.

In that year, I was from 500 subscribers to 3000 thousand subscribers. Now peoples started noticing me and take pictures with me and then my team was staring shattering, their family tell them to don’t go with Ansh and again it was only me and Divyanshu – says Ansh.

On 5th sept 2019, Ansh moved to mumbai with Divyanshu and it was very difficult time there, And then situation started improving got shoot for Snapchat Ad and some others, & back to hometown (Rewa) for Holi but covid cases started increasing and 22 March 2020, it was a Lockdown.

I was stuck at my house and my family doesn’t allowed me to shoot so i just wasted my lockdown and on that time i met Utkarsh he was also a youtuber from my hometown and i knew him that he is very talented so we shot some videos and again people started praising me and i thought lets get back to Mumbai – says Ansh.

And on January 2023 we came back and he started doing job and i was still figuring out what to do, so me and utkarsh stared making reels and our videos were getting viral and i went from 3k followers to 60k followers very quickly. Now there is no looking back and journey has just started many more things to archive – says Ansh.

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