Ishan Sharma is growing content creator

Ishan Sharma

Ishan Sharma is a growing content creator, he is posting his content creator Instagram @trouper__ishan.


Ishan was born on Aug 17, 2001, He did a bachelor’s in journalism and mass communication. pursuing a master’s in journalism. Lives in Amritsar (Punjab).

Social Media Journey

Ishan started creating content on 24 Jan 2018 on YouTube and after 4 to 5 years, he started making reels on Instagram in February 2022. Ishan had a passion for acting since childhood so he choose YouTube platforms to express himself. Ishan started making videos on YouTube and made his first YouTube channel with one of his friends pankaj named the channel as Trouper Guys.

After two years, they separated from each other and Ishan made a new YouTube channel on 14 March 2020 known as Trouper Ishan in which, he makes short films, vlogs, etc. He made his 1st video during the lockdown but didn’t get a good response many downfalls came in his way many times. Ishan was discouraged because no one considered his content creation as work, friends & family motivated him but he loses hope.

After a long time, Ishan start making reels on Instagram with her friend Harnoor Chahal, she also loves this field, she also motivates Ishan for making videos, Ishan & Harnoon uploaded their first reel on February 2022 and continue making reels together.

Ishan got a job and he went to Hyderabad in Network 18 channel but he came back for videos after 5 months. Then again started working together. Many reels go viral but Ishan’s father talks series got more views and appreciation from people.

Ishan worked further, he has many plans but now he manage his passion and his job in Chandigarh a news channel called Network 18.

All the information is collected from Ishan Sharma.

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