Dakshita Nagpal is a travel and fashion blogger

Dakshita Nagpal is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, who shares her content on Instagram. Her Instagram username is @dakshita.nagpal.


Dakshita was born on Jul 25, 2002. She completed her schooling at Birla Vidya Niketan. Currently pursuing BBA(3rd Year) from Maharaja Surajmal Institute, IP University Delhi.

Social Media Journey

Dakshita started creating content in September 2021. She has always been an introvert who was too shy to share her creations on any social media platform, but a travel enthusiast who would stand against the world to travel solo and explore as much as possible. Dakshita started her trekking journey when she was in 12th and found her soul in the mountains, a place that give her peace and a connection her never felt before. In her first year of college, Dakshita went on a trip with her college crowd that she barely knew and none of her friends was going.

The trip was arranged by a group of seniors with the company- Capture A Trip. Later in September that year, Dakshita got a collaboration opportunity from the same company to travel with their groups, as a content creator intern to which she readily agreed. Dakshita’s first travel destination was Spiti Valley and convincing her parents for her first solo trip with a bunch of strangers was a challenging task in itself. However, they trusted her fully and gave her the chance to chase her dreams.

Dakshita’s travelled with another budding creator who recorded a lot of content with her and also motivated Dakshita to switch her account to public. That was when Dakshita shared her first collaborative reel on Instagram.

Shooting vlogs when everybody is watching seems awkward at first you even look like a news reporter but the confidence gets deep-rooted and you feel your personality growing to a level you wouldn’t have imagined before:- says Dakshita.

She travelled to many destinations alongside her online college, but then offline classes resumed after the lockdown ended and that put a long pause on her travel journey. Nonetheless, Dakshita received another opportunity to collaborate with Myntra and now she is a fashion influencer on Instagram experimenting with different outfits.

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