Vidhi Rajput aka vidhu_25 is a famous fashion and beauty blogger

Vidhi Rajput

Vidhi Rajput is a fashion and beauty blogger with her Instagram username @vidhu_25


Vidhi completed her education as a Software engineer.

Social Media Journey

Vidhi started blogging in April 2022. She decided to blog because Vidhi doesn’t want to waste the rest of her time. She has always loved the styling, and there is nothing better than creating content around the same. Vidhi couldn’t post consistently for the longest time because she is also doing a full-time job.

Creating content makes her happy and Vidhi is glad that she can help out with her fans’ styling and shopping hacks. Many of her videos have beaten the mark of 100k views and some of her videos crossed the mark of 1 Million+ view. Currently, Vidhi is having 25.8k+ followers on Instagram and counting.

All the information is called from Vidhi Rajput.

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