From Dreams to Reality: Nirupama Chauhan aka itz.nick.nack’s Journey to Becoming a Creator

Nirupama Chauhan

Nirupama Chauhan is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on YouTube and Instagram @itz.nick.nack.


Nirupama is currently pursuing her 12th in medical science from St.Mary’s School Sundernagar, Mandi.

Social Media Journey

Nirupama, who comes from a middle-class family, always wanted to be well-known. But as she was growing up, her parents urged her to devote herself entirely to her academics in order to secure her future. Nirupama persisted in her desire to become a creator in spite of this.

Nirupama made the decision to begin posting content on the video-sharing app Rizzel in November 2022. She was obliged to give up on her attempts, though, because of some unforeseen circumstances. Disappointed, Nirupama stopped producing content and tried to come to terms with the possibility that her goal would never materialise.

Things didn’t start to alter until Nirupama connected with a creator on Omegle in June or July of that same year. Nirupama recognised this as a fantastic opportunity to get noticed even if the creator had only 5,000 subscribers. But when the maker shared a brief video with Nirupama, it went viral and garnered 12 million views.

Nirupama was overwhelmed and unsure of how to manage the attention she was getting despite her sudden success. Nirupama was under pressure from her friends and family to produce more content, but she had no experience with video editing.

After that, Nirupama published a tale on her social media pages requesting an editor without payment. Thankfully, a stranger at the moment named Ayush answered her call and offered to assist. Nirupama restarted making videos with Ayush’s assistance, although at first she did not get much feedback.

But, Nirupama’s work began to acquire greater traction with the aid of Harshit, who oversees her social media accounts, and Jash, who edits her videos. Nirupama’s team put a lot of effort into making and promoting her videos, and gradually but surely, she began to win more fans.

Nirupama journey was not easy as content creator despite of all the challenges, she continued to create content and worked hard.

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