Kumkum Mantri is a popular content creator

Kumkum Mantri

Kumkum Mantri is a popular content creator, she is posting her videos on Instagram @iam_kumkummantri.


Kumkum was born Jan 16, 2003, She is currently pursuing B.com Honours from Bhawanipur Education Society College.

Social Media Journey

Kumkum started creating on Tiktok in 2019, got a lot of support there had more than 200k followers. After its ban, Kumkum started creating reels on Instagram where she had huge growth. Kumkum was in high school when she used to make tiktoks randomly. Suddenly one day, Kumkum saw one of her Tiktoks getting viral. She was astonished as well as happy at the same time, views kept on increasing and then Kumkum realized the potential within himself. Kumkum always had a soft corner for acting and making content and this was a great push for her. Kumkum started making more videos and got a lot of support. After the sudden announcement of the Government banning TikTok. She was sad, but then Kumkum started making reels on Instagram.

In the beginning, Kumkum don’t know if her first few accounts were disabled by Instagram or if someone uses to hack them, her account used to get deleted when she reach 5-8k followers many times. Kumkum tried a lot to recover her account but was left helpless every time but she didn’t lose hope. Kumkum use to make a new account every time and start posting and because of her never giving up personality, she has reached this stage.

There are many problems content creators face daily that just go unnoticed by their clients. A common problem with content creation is dealing with feedback that can be difficult to stomach. Imagine working hard all day, trying to be as creative as possible, and then getting feedback that is rude and taking a stab at your skills. Lack of results is one of the biggest content creation pain points – says Kumkum

In the beginning, I didn’t get many views, but I didn’t give up, I continued making reels, and Today, I have achieved more than I could ever imagine. Some people use to make fun and on another side some people supported me throughout my journey – says Kumkum.

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