Garima Singh: From NEET Aspirant to Filmmaking Prodigy

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Garima Singh is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @girrlwithagimbal.


Garima was born on 7 September 1997. She did her studies at NIFT.

Social Media Journey

Garima started creating content in March 2024 with 132 followers,, mostly friends and family. Then one day, she randomly posted about her life’s decision: how she switched from preparing for NEET to pursuing filmmaking as a career. Eight years after making that decision, she finally became a filmmaker.

Garima’s passion and dedication for filmmaking increase every day. She has finally opened her own agency, GimbalGirl Studio, and the work has begun to make it official. Garima is glad that people appreciate the effort she puts into every piece of content.

“I also teach DaVinci Resolve software on YouTube and share my content as well. I love to spread knowledge,” says Garima.

“I want to inspire many students, especially females, to get into cinematography and filmmaking,” she added.

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