From Zero to 90K in 40 Days: Aryan Mishra’s Journey to Instagram Success

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Aryan Mishra is a growing content creator, He is posting his content on Instagram, @growwitharyan02


Aryan is currently pursuing his undergrad.

Social Media Journey

Aryan started creating content 1.5 years ago, but around 40 days ago, he started this brand new page called @growwitharyan02.

After a year and a half of creating content and experimenting with over 400 pieces, Aryan cracked the Instagram code! His page is @growwitharyan02, and he is on a mission to help fellow content creators. He started this brand new page on May 15th, and today, June 24th, Aryan has grown his audience to over 90,000 followers (and hopefully 100,000 by the end of the month!).

“My content debunks myths, shares editing secrets, and provides actionable tips for rapid growth. I reveal the exact strategies and methods I used to gain a massive following in such a short time,” says Aryan.

“My goal is simple: to empower you with the knowledge to supercharge your own Instagram journey,” he added.

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