Gautam Sharma: Overcoming Setbacks and Finding Success in Content Creation

Gautam Sharma

Gautam Sharma is a growing content creator, he is posting his content on Instagram @funnygoat10.


Gautam is a CA student.

Social Media Journey

Gautam started creating content on March 2020. He likes to have people around him. Gautam was a guy in his group, who used to make everyone laugh and feel happy seeing them smiling.

In 2020, a sudden lockdown was imposed. Gautam began feeling bored and depressed at home because he was just someone who lived among people. Then Gautam started making content on YouTube as a result. He created around 50 long-format sketch comedy videos, but none of them garnered more than 1000 views. Then a friend of Gautam suggested him to make reels on Instagram. Their growth is quick and the algorithm supports new creators.

In the end, I decided to start a new channel. This was a very difficult decision for me, since a popular youtuber had given my channel a shoutout and I had already uploaded 250 videos – says Gautam.

The next thing I did was close that channel and create a new one with 20 followers. It sounds silly, but I did just that – says Gautam.

The new channel name is “Funnygoat”. Gautam uploaded 30 videos but again none of the videos got more than 200 or 300 views. Unexpectedly, his 32nd and 35th video went viral. India’s top 5 to 10 meme pages shared his videos on their channel. I was all over the internet. His videos were being shared everywhere on Facebook and WhatsApp.

My journey started from that very moment. And now I just want to move forward from here after so many ups and downs. The one thing that kept me going was my passion for creating content and my desire to make people laugh – says Gautam.

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