Muskan Spread the Knowledge of Sanatan Dharma with her Content


Muskan is a popular spiritual content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @imuskanraghuvanshi.


Muskan was born on Feb 25, 2003. She did her studies in journalism and mass communication.

Social Media Journey

Starting any new endeavor is always a daunting task, and content creation is no exception. Muskan, a content creator, began her journey in May 2022 intending to share her knowledge and understanding of spirituality. However, creating content in this genre was a challenge for her initially, as she had no prior experience in this field.

Muskan’s journey began after reading the Bhagwat Geeta and Sathyarth Prakas, two well-known spiritual texts in Hinduism. The insights gained from these texts ignited her passion for sharing her knowledge of dharma, and she began creating content with a renewed sense of purpose.

The initial challenges of creating spiritual content were significant for Muskan, as she had to learn how to convey her thoughts and ideas in a way that would resonate with her audience. However, her passion for the subject matter and her desire to provide genuine knowledge helped her to overcome these challenges.

As she continued to create content, Muskan began to find her unique voice and style, which helped her to connect with her audience. Her content began to gain traction and followers as people resonated with her message and appreciated her efforts to provide genuine knowledge about Sanatan Dharma. Despite all challenges, she is currently having 300k+ followers on Instagram.

Muskan’s journey is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. It is a reminder that starting anything new can be challenging, but with dedication and a willingness to learn, anyone can achieve their goals. Her success as a content creator is a result of her unwavering commitment to sharing her knowledge of spirituality with others, and her story serves as an inspiration for anyone embarking on a new journey.

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