Jai Arora aka TECH-iELA growing tech YouTuber

Jai Arora

Jai Arora is a tech blogger uploading his tech knowledge on his Youtube Channel and Instagram account TECH-iELA .


Jai was born on Sep 13, 1997. Completed his studies with B.Tech in Computer Science from Chandigarh Engineering College Landran.

Social Media Journey

Jai started creating content in College. He wasn’t a very bright student in School and College, but there was one thing that always made him excited and that is “New Gadgets & Technologies.” Since school going ago, Jai has loved to play around with gadgets and opened his Computer, Laptop just to see what’s there inside it. He rooted and jailbroke smartphones when Jai was in 10th Standard. All relatives, neighbours use to come to him whenever they face some issue with any of their gadget, appliance. So after going to College, Jai wasn’t able to develop interest in the subjects he was studying and then Jai figured out that he should do something that’s enjoy in doing it and that was the time he started a YouTube Channel named TECH-iELA where Jai use to talk about the latest Tech & Gadgets in market.

Jai solved problems that people were facing in their smartphones, computers. Initially Jai was having very little subscriber count, videos were not performing very well. He used to spend days and nights creating and editing videos. Jai was sharing a flat with his friends. They always motivated and helped him. His parents were very supportive and never lost his patience even though he wasn’t getting the results. But Suddenly some of videos started getting views. Audience started expanding. Jai’s YouTube Channel TECH-iELA crossed 10K subscribers and just 15 days later his Instagram reels also started to go viral.

‘Like it took 3 Years to reach 5K Followers on Instagram and just 5 days to reach 70K Followers – says Jai’.

‘I believe God Will never let Your Hard Work go waste. You will Eventually get the results for your hard work and patience. And in the last I would say all the credit goes to my family, my friends and everyone who supported me and motivated me – says Jai.’

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