Jagjyot Singh is a popular content creator

Jagjyot Singh

Jagjyot Singh Chhokra (Aapka Jags) is a content creator posting his videos on Youtube and Instagram, His Youtube channel name is Aapka Jags .


Jagjyot was born on 10th May, 1999. He finished his education with major in literature.

Social Media Journey

Jagjyot journey was started since the day he was born. He absolutely loved being in front of the camera and make faces all the time. There was no content creation back then. Jagjyot discovered YouTube in 2008 which was an early stage and It was a delight when he came to know that “we can create our own videos and post them”.

“I started off posting random videos, slowly I realized that, “hey, this is for me.” I kept on creating but I never achieved anything but I kept trying and trying but nothing happened until the Pandemic happened and it just changed my life completely”- – says Jagjyot

“Today I am creating content, making videos and I think I’ll continue to do it ahead. I know there will be ups and downs, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not giving up on my dreams. I will keep going, I will never stop making people happy with my work”- says Jagjyot

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