Jia Chawla is growing content creator

Jia Chawla

Jia Chawla is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @jia.chawla04.


Jia was born on Oct 27, 2004, she is currently pursuing Bcom Honour from VIPS, IP University.

Social Media Journey

Jia started creating content in 2022 during the lockdown. When most people were watching web shows, Jai decided to create related content in her free time and pursue her love of creating content. In the beginning, it was not that much easy for Jia to create content.

She was not having any experience in creating content, but a passion. Jia learned many things related to content creation like editing, lighting, and more. It was difficult for Jia in growing followers at first and many unfollowed too when she wasn’t consistent but gradually people started relating to her content and sharing it. Currently, Jia is having 43k+ followers on Instagram.

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