Rutuja Kardile is a growing content creator

Rutuja Kardile

Rutuja Kardile is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @relatewithrutuja.


Rutuja was born on Nov 16, 2001, She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in Civil Engineering.

Social Media Journey

Rutuja started creating content back in 2019 when tiktok was unbanned in India, she went viral on tiktok and had more than 35k followers.

After creating the content for a while on tiktok, Rutuja felt like she need to take a break from this whole thing so Rutuja took a break for a while, meanwhile the tiktok got banned and instagram introduced their new feature reels. Then Rutuja started creating content for reels, her 1st reels weren’t getting any views, but after a while because of her consistency and hard work, she started getting views and her reels went viral one after another & Rutuja currently has 11k followers on instagram.

I’m great, full of everything that god is giving me on my plate and will forever be thankful to my audience and the people who supports me no matter what – says Rutuja.

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