Kritikka Avasthi is a popular actress cum content creator.

Kritika Avasthi

Kritikka Avasthi is a popular actress cum content creator, she is posting her content on Youtube & Instagram @kritikkaavasthi.


Kritikka did her studies in and L.L.B.

Social Media Journey

Kritikka, a talented actress who had already made a name for herself in the digital media industry, took a leap of faith in 2020 and decided to expand her horizons by venturing into the world of social media. With a string of successful video projects and web series like When You Are the Only Girl in Your Group, When Your Best Friend Gets Married, Types of Girls in a Hostel, and Marrying Your Crush, and many more. Kritikka was no stranger to creating engaging and relatable content. However, expansion on social media posed new challenges and opportunities for her.

Kritikka told us about the content creation journey. As she embarked on this new chapter of her career. She candidly spoke about her initial struggles and the growth she experienced as a content creator. One of the first things she discovered about herself was her tendency to be impatient during the content creation process. In a traditional production setting, Kritikka was accustomed to working with a dedicated team of professionals, including directors, producers, stylists, and hair and makeup artists. However, when creating content for social media, she had to take on multiple roles simultaneously.

Kritikka discovered she could be her director, producer, stylist, and more as she delved deeper into the world of producing social media content. She had to oversee every step of the content generation process because a sizable production staff was not there. She found her newfound independence to be both fascinating and difficult.

It was difficult at first, Kritikka acknowledged. I had to figure out how to balance all of these obligations on my own. Even though there were instances when I felt overburdened, I knew I had to rapidly adapt.

“I’ve been able to connect with my audience on a more personal level,” Kritikka said with a smile. “Their reactions, comments, and messages inspire me to continue creating content that resonates with them.”

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