Palak Kapoor aka Whatsupdilli, from Hobby to Influencer of the Year Inspiring Journey

Palak Kapoor

Palak Kapoor is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @whatsupdilli.


Palak was born on Feb 14, 1998. She did her studies in Bachelors and Masters with History.

Social Media Journey

Palak started whatsupdilli for fun when she was in her first year at Hindu College and needed a creative outlet. She always loved food and finding new restaurants, so it just made sense to start taking photos and documenting what Pakal was doing. The account was originally meant to be a place where family and friends could follow her. Slowly, people started following her work and she was able to build a community of food lovers. Palak started receiving emails from restaurants inviting invited guests to taste their food and review it on Instagram.

Palak has been blogging for quite a while now, doing everything it takes to run a successful food blog. She has collaborated with many big brands and has also been invited by various high-end hotels and restaurants.

Something that made me big in this field is my commitment to my work. I believe that if you work hard and stay dedicated to your work, you can achieve anything you want. I recently won the Influencer of the Year award, which has motivated me to work harder – says Palak.

All the information is collected from Pakal Kapoor.

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