Lajja Desai is a popular radio jockey cum content creator.

Lajja Desai

Lajja Desai, a popular radio jockey, shares her content on Instagram @rj_lajja.


Lajja was born on Dec 4, 1995. She is an Engg.

Social Media Journey

Lajja started creating content 3 years back when she started her radio journey. “I have started like normal Instagram users. But slowly I got so many msgs that speak on this topic, on some incidents you should speak” – says Lajja. Then Lajja started making reels on most of the current topic (which is ignored by most of the creators), of course, she also does some trending reels, and some comedy videos but her main focus is to cover current affairs, such information that people can utilize in their life.

Being a content creator Lajja got a chance to observe so many things. She has learned so many aspects of normal people, that routine, their lifestyles.

Content creation is my passion, whenever I go, I thought what I can take from this place, people, and problems. How can I put this topic which might affect people’s sentiments, there are higher chances they might get hurt! But what I learned is the “Art of putting your point on social media. One more thing I learned from this journey. “CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY” which also applies to our daily routine life, and you can inspire those people you haven’t imagined:- says Lajja.

Lajja faced some “negative comments” but she always believes that if you can’t receive negative comments you cannot pull your content to the rent best level.

Thank you for this much support and being a Gujarati I always say this line everywhere “Kam to evu j karo jema majjo pade” it means to do that work only which makes you happy and I am happiest when I am creating content says:- Lajja.

Love love says – Lajja.

All the information is collected from Lajja Desai.

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