Nitish Gudwani growing comedy content creator

Nitish Gudwani is a comedy content creator sharing his videos on Instagram @nitishgudwani.


Nitish was born on Jun 2, 2004. Completed his 10th & 12th with 95% in Humanities.

Social Media Journey

Nitish started creating content in the year 2020. Before content creator, Nitish was a professional footballer. He played football for four years, but due to his eyes – 12 power Nitish has to drop playing football.

When Nitish was 15, he used to work in small places have also worked in a marriage palace to clean sofas. Nitish said, “I had this urge to have everything but on my own even though I was financially stable, but at some point, you feel that you want something in your life but that too self-earned.”

Then after some time, Nitish started shooting marriage videos and from there he got to know about using a camera. It was that time when he got his first gaming PC and learned editing.

Time passed and then Nitish met some Youtubers and started working with them where he got a chance to show his editing, scripting & direction skills from their video shoots he learned about acting.

And now here I’m making content on my own. Life has been a great roller coaster ride, I have seen many ups and downs, but you know there’s a saying when life gives you lemons make lemonade – says Nitish.

Many of his videos have crossed the mark of 1 Million+ views and currently have 12.8 k followers on Instagram.

I’m also trying to do the same. Counting each and every moment and making the best out of it – says Nitish.

All the informations are collected from Nitish Gudwani.

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