Mamta Mukherjee: From Self-Portraits to Viral Reels Creator

Mamta Mukherjee

Mamta Mukherjee is a growing content creator, she is posting her content on Instagram @mamta__mm.


Mamta is currently pursuing her diploma in Graphic, Web, and 3D animation.

Social Media Journey

Mamta started creating content in 2020. seriously it was a lockdown and she saw some creators making self-portrait content as a photography lover. Mamta started making it too. Then reel came up.

I started making transition videos as well as continued my self-portrait content but after 3 years I saw there’s no such growth as being a creator when you put your heart and soul into something, you somewhere expect a positive result too, and when numbers start decreasing we feel a kind of pressure or stress inside – says Mamta.

Though honestly, I never create content for numbers I create it because I love being in front of the camera it makes me happy so instead of all these failures I kept on going there were no views and I was getting demotivated but as I said I create content cause I love to express myself through it so I just told myself that keep going and don’t give up – says Mamta.

In August or September of 2022, Mamta one of her Bengali accent reels went viral and after that, she is keep on going and creating relatable comedy videos both in Hindi and Bengali, the reason behind making Bengali and Hindi content was that Mamta was born in Bihar and moved to Kolkata in 2010, but being a Bengali, she was raised in a Bihari culture so Mamta thought of making videos on both languages and Mamta saw people love her acting videos which was always she wanted to do acting since childhood so let’s do it then slowly.

I built a certain amount of family on Instagram who loves and supports me. Though I have to achieve much bigger milestones, for me, 20K+ fam right now feels like a dream and I m grateful for it and proud that my hard work started paying off. Thanks to me and my Instagram family – says, Mamta.

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