Manavi Panwar is growing dance and influencing people to follow their passion.

Manavi Panwar

Manavi Panwar is a dancer, she is posting her content on instagram @manavipanwar.


Manavi was born on Nov 6, 2004. Completed her schooling at Gurukul the school, Ghaziabad.

Social Media Journey

Manavi started creating content in June 2020. This journey has been beautiful, but not very easy. I’ve always been someone who had a fear of being judged by other people and due to this I’ve lost so many opportunities – says Manavi.

Manavi never had enough confidence and has always been an introverted person. She loves vibing to the music. Manavi used to learn classical dance for 5 years but did it just for the sake of it. Never gave her all for it. And just one-day Manavi thought why not post a dance video? And she did it. People kind of supported her at the start but slowly and gradually Manavi started getting hate, not on the internet but from people in her school.

Manavi told that “They used to say hurtful things that I can’t even say out loud. My parents never had any problem, but also didn’t fully support me, so that has been a different type of struggle. I’ve fought for this so many times and I’m glad I never gave up.” There have been times that Manavi’s account had a really good reach and also times when she posted consistently and still none of my videos touched even 10k in 2.5 months. She rarely takes breaks and tries to be consistent throughout the journey because this is something Manavi does all by her and is so close to her heart that she can’t afford to lose it.

Wherever I am today, I’m proud of myself. This journey has changed a lot of things in my life. I’m confident about myself, I don’t care what other people think of me. I wasn’t a great dancer when I started but I have improved a lot and I still have so many things to work on. It’s not about being perfect in what you want to do, it’s just about starting. Things get better, you get better. You just need to put in the effort and be consistent. There have been ups and downs in this journey, but in the end, the efforts never get wasted – says Manavi.

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