Soumya Dwivedi is a growing content creator

Soumya Dwivedi is a fashion Influencer, who posts her content on Instagram. Her Instagram username is @theinsanecat.


Soumya was born on Sep 5, 1998. She completed her 10th from D.A.V. International School, Kharghar, CBSE board, in 2014 and secured 10 pointers overall and an aggregate of 93 % in her final examination. Then Soumya opted for PCMCS, for her junior college and completed her 12th standard in the same School, CBSE board in 2016 with a score of 92%. She completed graduation (B.E.) from Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, Nerul, in the Electronics and Telecommunications department, on a government seat, securing an aggregate of 8.6/10 pointers and 2 campus placement jobs (Capgemini and Jio Platforms Ltd). Currently, Soumya is working as a Web Developer at Jio Platforms Ltd.

Social Media Journey

“I was very active on my Instagram handle and I looked at it as my online album. I loved clicking pictures and posting them, sharing my joyful moments with my people”:- says Soumya.

She started creating content in 2020. Soumya was selected in a ‘Campus Ambassador’ program from Shein back then. It was the first time, creating videos and statics for a brand and representing that brand in her college. She got a lot of experience and exposure regarding hosting collaborative events, house parties and obviously creating and editing videos as well.

Since Soumya has been a one-woman army for everything, be it her full-time job as a developer, academics, handling projects, shooting content, editing, curating ideas, and managing her Instagram account, contracts with brands, her store, etc. She always did it all on her own.

While this is very empowering and independent and helps me keep myself busy and focused, I must admit it sometimes gets overwhelming to juggle so much at the same time. With the pressure of deadlines in all ventures of my life, It does get difficult, so much so, that I start wondering as to why am I even doing so much when I don’t need it ?, I am happy with my full-time job, I love coding and I am doing great too. Then I remember those difficult times of my life when these things helped me get an escape and made me happy and that’s when I realize that I might not need it but I want it!

I have always had a creative streak – says Soumya.

Soumya used to participate in a lot of extracurricular activities and win prizes and medals as well, like sports (Handball and Throwball), dance, singing, drawing, swimming, debates, olympiads, social campaigns, etc. She has completed 6 years of a professional course of the classical dance ‘Bharatnatyam’ as well as ‘Taekwondo’ till belt green-one.

I also started my own collection of sketches of dresses that I used to design or curate, and still add a design or an idea or two in my free time. I feel like, I like everything and I want to be good at whatever I take up and want to be the strong independent woman that I am, make my parents proud and prove that I can do many things simultaneously and be good at them, because ‘Sky is the Limit’ and ‘I wouldn’t know unless I Tried’ – says Soumya.

Also, We shouldn’t let people tell us that all this is just a case of ‘Jack of all trades and master of none, because firstly, it’s still far better than ‘master of one, and secondly who’s talking about jacks? we’re mastering here !! – says Soumya.

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