Muskan shivnani aka upcoming influencer brand

Muskan shivnani

Muskan Shivnani famously know for dance content on Instagram with username


Muskan was born on 11th June 1999. She is going with her studies of Graduation in Computer Engineering.

Social Media Journey

Our world today revolves around social media, it’s become an obsession and addiction according to Muskan. But she was social media neutral until 2020, when everyone was shifting to the online world.

Muskan, being a dance teacher, started conducting free LIVE sessions on Instagram to teach people. Consistent sessions and videos made her gram blow up and before Muskan knew it she was there influencing thousands of people.

Meanwhile she was approached for collaborations by brands like Levi’s, Whisper, SHEIN, Herbal Essences, Red Bull, Pantaloons, Mother Sparsh and many more!

In the year 2020, despite being at home, Muskan gained the most amount of exposure. In fact she recently hit a milestone of 10,000 followers and this journey continues.


Muskan wants to explore life as much as she can. She is a dancer, to-be engineer, social media influencer, dance teacher and computer teacher.

Multitasking is something she’s learned through her way, and simply loves it now. And Muskan’s real dream would be to conquer as much as she can in everything that she loves.

​All the information are collected from Muskan Shivnani.

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