Snehal Tajane aka snehal__tajane famous Dancer/Fitness guide

Snehal Tajane

Snehal Tajane well known dancer with her Instagram username snehal__tajane.


Snehal was born on 5th oct . She has completed her bachelor of Engineering in computer science.

Social Media Journey

Snehal started thinking of herself as an athlete, the only way to really motivate her to do exercise started with one very important step: “Don’t wait for it”. Defining of “why” for exercise gives her a personal or emotional investment in Snehal goals. She think being fit is your longtime investment doing for herself. Snehal like to challenge herself for transformation . “Think about it. When we are planning for future workout, you’re in a totally different head space. You’re probably relaxed, rested, and feeling good, maybe visualizing yourself going through a workout and being successful.

Motivation can be defined in very simple terms: what drives me to maintain or achieve goals. When you look at it that way, things change a bit, at least for many of us. Yes, you should exercise, you need to exercise, but do you have a desire for exercise? For some people, maybe—they like how it feels to exercise. you’re not necessarily exercising because you like it. You’re doing it because it’s going to give you what you want at some vague future time. Motivation is never just going to happen. You have to make it happen. Yes, it sounds like a cheesy sports commercial, but real motivation comes from you and, the good news is, you have a variety of resources to choose from Snehal says.

Snehal did her first photoshoot in December 2018 and from that time till now has committed herself to paid collaborations with brands like thewassupflea- a flea market platform where she promotes their on-ground exhibitions through photography. Additionally, she has also collaborated with Exit.que, Phoeshons,, and occasionally does shoots for famous malls in Pune like Phoenix Marketcity and Elpro city and currently Snehal is working with West End Mall.


Snehal is self loving person and the motivation herself to start what she wants see herself fit, strong, healthy – to increase strength within, her need between stressed and continue her journey.

All in information are collected from Snehal Tajane.

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