Raunak Mathur aka raunakmathur1707 redefining the fashion with her creativity

Raunak Mathur

Raunak Mathur is a fashion influencer. Posting content on her Instagram account @raunakmathur1707.


Raunak completed her education with Masters in psychology.

Social Media Journey

Raunak started creating content on Instagram since 2019. Like every other creator Raunak’s journey was full of ups and downs, wanted to do this from so long but couldn’t. Butshe was clear about that, She wants to make her father proud wherever he is. Raunak didn’t stop and did everything what she could. She also learned so much in this journey met her Besties and what not. Currently Raunak is having 54.6k followers on instagram and has collaborated with many brands. Not just that she is changing the stereotype of person that Traditional Indian dresses can be cool too.

All the information are collected from Raunak Mathur.

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